Job Description

Please note that this job description is not part of a Contract of Employment nor can it be exhaustive.  It is a guide to the tasks and responsibilities envisaged for the post and, as such, will change and evolve to reflect the changing needs of whg.

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Job Title: Corporate Director of Governance and Compliance

Team: Group Executive Team

Reports To: Group Chief Executive

Job Purpose

As a member of the Group’s Executive Team, you will work in conjunction with the Group Chief Executive, other Corporate Directors and the Group’s Boards and Committees to represent, develop and further the business interests of the whole Group, specifically contributing to aspects of decision making relating to governance, risk and compliance.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities


Responsible for the strategic leadership of all functions within the Governance and Compliance Directorate:

  • Governance, Risk and Insurance
  • Data Governance
  • Legal Services
  • Health, Safety and Environmental

Ensure the effective direction, management and inspirational leadership of colleagues within the Directorate to ensure delivery of the agreed Operational Plans in accordance with Group policies, practices and standing orders.

In line with whg's Corporate Plan lead on the development of innovative strategies and solutions across areas of responsibility which drive business effectiveness, improve services, increase efficiency and Value for Money whilst ensuring compliance within all relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.


Lead the ongoing development and management of a model of governance fit for the future needs of the organisation in line with best practice and legal and regulatory requirements to achieve the most effective framework for committee administration, internal audit and risk management.

Provide a high quality and comprehensive company secretarial service across the Group, including the effective and efficient servicing of Board and committee meetings and advising on all constitutional and governance issues to ensure compliance with the code of governance, company law and regulation, and in accordance with the Group’s Memorandum, Articles and Standing Orders.

As Company Secretary, provide professional advice and support to the Board and Executive Team on all aspects of governance to ensure that whg fully complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements, including those of the Registrar of Companies, Regulator of Social Housing or any successor body and the Charity Commission.

Develop and maintain good working relationships with the Board, Committees and the Executive Team and ensure that they receive relevant and appropriate information, support and advice necessary for them to fulfil their governance responsibilities in meeting statutory and regulatory obligations.

As the portfolio holder for legal services, lead the review and management of services received through external providers and those undertaken in-house, and with the support of the Procurement Team, ensure the framework is effective and provides value for money.

Ensure that the Chief Executive, Corporate Directors and senior leaders are properly advised on all legal and compliance matters and work in partnership with business areas to provide pragmatic and responsive advice over the full range of governance and compliance issues to enable continuous improvement in performance and service delivery.

Responsible for ensuring that all statutory and regulatory returns necessary to ensure whg’s compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements are completed, maintained and submitted in accordance with required timescales.

Work closely with the Director of Housing to ensure that tenant scrutiny arrangements contribute effectively to whg’s governance arrangements.

Ensure the Group's compliance with the Data Protection Act and provide advice and guidance on the application and requirements of the Act.

Responsible for the Group’s internal audit forward plan and needs assessment and overseeing the work of the Internal Auditors, ensuring that the Audit and Assurance Committee have the relevant, necessary and timely information to fulfil their remit.

Responsible for ensuring that the organisation has an appropriate risk management framework in place to identify and manage risk.

Ensure that the Group’s governance and legal services arrangements are supported by clear policies and processes in line with best practice, compliance with regulatory and statutory obligations and reflect changes in legislation, governance and risk management issues.

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Strategy, Planning, Performance and Control

Within the context of the Corporate Plan oversee the preparation of annual Operational Plans for all areas of responsibility and review to ensure the timely delivery of objectives within available resources.

Ensure effective recruitment, induction, development, appraisal and succession planning to achieve the highest quality of Board leadership and governance.

Lead the planning and co-ordination of a training programme for Board and Committee members to ensure the ongoing development and improved performance of the Boards and Committees both as a team and individually.

Lead on all contacts and develop and maintain positive dialogue and working relationships with the Regulator of Social Housing and other key bodies and stakeholders.

Corporate Management

Support the Group Chief Executive in the development of the Corporate Plan and supporting policy frameworks, ensuring they remain in line with best practice and regulatory guidance.

Ensure that effective service improvement plans are in place to drive continuous improvement in all areas of responsibility

Undertake regular risk assessments of existing and any new activities and report these to the Group Chief Executive, the Executive Team and any relevant Board or Committee.

Work closely with and draw on the expertise and resources of other senior managers to ensure that the Colleague Resource Plans and Learning and Development Plans enable the recruitment and retention of colleagues with the abilities and experience necessary to deliver a high quality service to customers, and that working conditions and employment practices are conducive to job satisfaction and personal development for all colleagues.

Maintain and develop effective external networks and partnerships with other registered providers, local authorities, funding institutions, regulators and other organisations that are crucial to the Group’s work and business interests.

Represent the organisation at community or other events in order to enhance whg’s public profile or further its mission and business aspirations.

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Conduct and Other Responsibilities

Demonstrate the highest personal standards of integrity and conduct by personal example.

Support and foster the Group's values and support a strong performance culture within the Group and in its relationships with key partners.

Establish good and effective external working relationships with partners and external stakeholders, and represent whg to appropriate regulatory bodies, partners and contractors, press and media and the public, communicating whg's Corporate Plan.

Keep up to date with best practice, new initiatives and business opportunities in all areas relating to this role.

Undertake other responsibilities consistent with those set out above, as periodically required by the Group Chief Executive.

Ensure that:

  • The Group’s Equality and Diversity policy is implemented in respect of both employment and service delivery.
  • Responsibilities in respect of Health and Safety legislation are fulfilled.
  • The Group’s Sustainability Policy is implemented in respect of the delivery of the responsibilities of this post.
  • Group Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are adhered to across all areas of responsibility.

Deliver against Key Performance Indicators and individual targets.

Work in accordance with whg policies and procedures.

Act at all times in the interests of whg and its customers.

Actively promote and demonstrate whg’s values.

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